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Well, it's been a while since I started on the quest for a guitar & amp. I had an awful time making up my mind. Kept jumping between Epiphone or Agile LP's or a Dot, or a G-400. Well, I finally decided on the G-400 in cherry.


WOW! What a gorgeous guitar. I can't believe the way it looks. The finish feels like silk. I guess this is the guitar I've always wanted since I was 13 years old and one of my friends had a Gibson SG. It's the kind of guitar I think of first when I think about guitars. I could'nt afford a Gibson, but I don't see how one could be any better than this one.


Anyway, now I have to remember how to play one of these things (it's been more than a few years). I'm actually surprised at how much my brain remembers, but my fingers have totally forgotten they ever knew how to play. Guess it'll be like starting all over again.


So, here are a few pics. I'm having some trouble getting the color to come out right. The actual color is so much richer looking than the photos.







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