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Major Darkfire problems


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Ok I bought a darkfire just over a year ago,firstly it has been in for repair 3 times(4th pending)This time it was in for repair because the low E was not working properly,Secondly the paint/stain on the back of the neck and the bottom of the body has turned a light brown/orange colour,Gibson europe have tried telling me the discolour on the neck is natural and the discolour on the bottom of the body is due to it being on a stand(HOW DARE THEY,im not going to put a £2400 guitar on a rubbish stand,all my guitars are hung either on the wall on string swings,or they are in the box)And the last time it was in for repair they asked me if i tried to repair it myself as their were screws missing and there was a peice of metal that was causing a short,the only people that have opened my darkfire is gibson europe.Then,


Upon receipt of my Gibson Darkfire from gibson europe via FedEx,I opened the package and let the guitar acclimatise back to room temperature (as advised by gibson), I opened the case to discover the Bridge Volume knob was missing. I then removed the guitar from the case to find the knob broken into multiple pieces underneath the body of the guitar, so therefore my instant reaction was to check the back of the body of the guitar for scratches etc caused by the broken pieces. To my horror I noticed multiple indentations, marks and scratches to the back of the body of the guitar.


Venturing forward, I wanted to make sure the guitar worked, so after sitting calmly for a while I warmed up my amplifier and plugged in my guitar. All seemed well initially except the strings replaced by whomever removed the originals were a lot thicker than were previously in place. So as not to cause any damage to the robotics of the guitar (as I have been informed by the Darkfire manual that thick strings can damage it), and also wanting to check the downstringing and upstringing worked, I replaced the strings. On downtuning, only the B, D and E strings wound down. I removed all the strings and proceeded to clean my guitar.


When using the upstringing mode, the low E string starting flashing blue on the MCK and overwound until the machine head started whirring fast and loudly and started sticking. I tried to stop this by depressing the MCK but this had no effect. After all this, the low E is STILL NOT TUNING PROPERLY.


Upon further inspections whilst cleaning, I noticed some the paint on the selector switch was scratched off, some of the paint on the humbucker pickup cover was also scratched off, the selector switch had not been put back on straight and is now therefore angled as I would not attempt to repair this myself. There is also a scratch on the body near the screw for the scratchplate which appears to be quite deep and has possibly been caused by a screwdriver.


Moving up the neck to the headstock, I have noticed circular scratches around each tuning peg which seem to have been caused by whatever the technicians have used to unscrew the nuts, possibly a socket of some sort. This would not have been caused by string damage as I always cut my strings and NEVER leave them hanging or long enough to cause damage to the guitar as in my opinion it looks scruffy.


I have also noticed a nick on the body on the bottom on the binding which was not there before it was sent to the repair centre. There also seems to be indentations all over the body of the guitar, which, again, were not there before it was sent to Gibson Europe.


Also there was on issue with the blue light,it would stay on whether the guitar was charging,fully charged,or the batt was flat,I reported this and here was the reply I recieved:


Good morning Graham,

When the Dark Fire is fully charged, the blue light on the charger box does not go off, but stays on.


You might find this contrary to information printed on the quick start guide that was delivered with the Dark Fire. This information on the quick start guide is not accurate.


If the blue light stays on, your guitar is charges as normal. It should take up to 30 minutes to fully charge the guitar.








Boris Franz


Customer Service




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