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I have never heard of this Gibson guitar before???


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Probably, the "fiddleback" refers to the arched (laminated woods) back used on the J-55; it was only around for I think 2-3 years in the early to mid-70s.


Not too a bad price if it sounds any good and is in reasonable shape, btw.



I think til early 80's according to the VG price guide. Full value according to that would be about a grand.

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I had a J-55 once - Probably in mid 80s. The guitar itself from late 70s.

The one I had was in effect a Gibson Gospel in Mahogany.

I had sold it and not really looked back, when I heard Gibson was reintroducing the J-55.

The reissue was nothing like this one. The one in the photo is what I had.

The back is a laminated pressed arch back, with no back bracing.

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