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Epiphone Bridge intonation ?


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It is just preference. Both my LP's came from the factory with the screws towards the stop bar. That is just fine with me so I leave it that way. Some folks turn them around because they think the strings will get fouled on the adjustment screws, or simply the screws may be easier for them to access. Either way works, and you can set your intonation correctly in either configuration. :)

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If you reverse the bridge, be aware that you will have to move all of

the saddle pieces to their proper strings so they follow the fretboard radius.



I just bought a used Dot that had the intonation screws facing the stopbar,

(had trouble accessing the screws without scratching the stopbar).


I also noticed that the strings did not follow the fretboard radius and I was

just about to get out a file to fix each saddle piece but then wondered if

maybe the bridge was in backwards.


Reversed the bridge so that the screws are now on the neck side and the

strings are now properly adjusted to follow the fretboard and I can adjust

the screws without worrying about the stopbar being scratched.


Someone had removed the bridge and then put in backwards.



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