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Just curious if the valve senior is still in production or if it has been discontinued. It was kinda strange, I heard alot about it coming out,never really heard when or anything officially as far as promotion. Caught wind of some demos online, saw it for sale for a short while and then it was kinda gone. Never really heard to much about it. Did it flop or something?

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i just got one yesterday, orderd it over the weekend. i hadn't even heard about this amp until about a week or two ago, so i started googling the hell out of it.

this is my first post on this board, so i don't know if i can plug distributors, but there is a place in little neck, ny that apparently has them in stock.

that disributor didn't come up in my google searches until friday or saturday, so i guess they just got them in, or something. it was brand new, factory sealed in a factory box, with owners manual and waranty.

i didn't hesitate, and i sugest if you want one, you should jump on it. for tree beans, you can't go wrong, and i sure wasn't disapointed.

i could go on, if you want a full review. maybe i should start a new post...


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