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The Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread...


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Nothing. Got into Manchester Orchestra a bit back and even Grimes ( not bc of guitar obviously but she's just wild and original) 

There hasn't been much these past 3 years as far as new acts that really grab me and I'm always lookin for fresh blood. 

Oversaturated with overrated John Mayer licks. Don't get me wrong great player but can't stand his "twangy" bluez

As far as guitar bands, WOLFMOTHER rocks ! Great source for new acts are the KEXP Youtube cameos.  Lots of misses but sometimes they find some real 

potential over there. (NADA Surf,  Silversun pickups, Surfer Blood, Metric ) ... Great Youtube channel KEXP !


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Oh and this guy kicks ***... best blues man since BB


The Shotgun Man .. Mr Gary Clark Jr. 


Love this band too .. but lots of Electronica ....


So many Mediocre bands get top billing these days.... "The NATIONAL" Come ahn man and their Dead covers were almost as lame. Sorry don't mean to be cruel but I have definite opinions.  Some hate them, some like im... Not going to change now.  Also can't stand Alt-J . No idea why or the LUMINEERS.  Every time they come on ... CLICK .  Have "Opinions" PEOPLE as Nigel Says....


Can't find this one band of kids who really impressed with their first song but then fell off the face of the earth. Can't remember their name for the life of me. Came out when Manchester was beginning to make some noise


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Remembering the early 70's and the almost UK super group "Gun"..

The main players listed as Paul and Adrian Curtis with Louie Farrell, later identified as Paul and Adrian Gurvitz.. I saw them in Nuremberg in 1970 playing with T-Rex, Chicken Shack (with Christine Perfect) and Sam Apple Pie.. They were all using German Hesta amp full stacks, looked like Marshalls...

Who later went on to form "Three Man Army" (Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, Buddy Miles, Carmine Appice, Mike Kellie and Tony Newman).

... and later the "Baker Gurvitz Army" with Ginger...

A lot of good Ginger stuff in here...

Ginger Baker, Adrian Gurvitz, Paul Gurvitz, Peter Lemer and Stephen Parsons

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