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King Crimson - Larks Tounges' In Aspic.  Part II is on. The Crims is killing it. What a band Fripp, Wetton, Bruford, Cross and Muir. Fripp was like Zappa, if you you were in his band you were no average Joe.

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Good stuff tonight -

Started with Mahavishnu;  "Apocalypse" then "Visions Of The Emerald Beyond"

I like these albums more than ever.  The sound is very clear on CD, better than my old vinyl pressings.   Mclaughlin was very fortunate to have Jean-Luc Ponty with him.

"Sportin' Life" Weather Report - needs to be loud and has their version of "What's Going On" on it, a beautiful tribute to Marvin Gaye.  I appreciate this record a lot more now too.

Bob Brookmeyer and Jim Hall - duo live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1979.  Jazz masters at the top of their very considerable game.

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Elvin Jones "On The Mountain" and "Agenda"

Weather Report 1st side "I Sing The Body Electric", "Procession", "Red China Blues"

Johnny Jones, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Freddie King, Otis Rush


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Jeff Berlin  - Champion

Herbie Hancock - Man Child

Steps Ahead - Modern Times

Stones - Scarlet, Criss Cross, Living In A Ghost Town (youtube)

Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream For Crow (Youtube)

Mike Mainieri - Northern Lights

John Cale - Gun

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