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The Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread...


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"Zawinul" - Joe Zawinul's 3rd LP for Atlantic

"Smokin' At The Half-Note" - Wes Montgomery/Wynton Kelly Trio



Next day

"Let's Call This" - Steve Khan with Ron Carter, Al Foster  - superb 🎸[thumbup]

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The Cobra recordings - Otis Rush

Steve Khan again, with Anthony Jackson's amazing 6-string 'contrabass'';  The Suitcase is a live 2CD trio of Khan, Jackson and Dennis Chambers on drums.  Public Access is studio with Jackson, Badrena and Dave Weckl.

Paraiso - Caribbean Jazz Project....more cowbell!

The Gambler - Bill Evans (saxophone) live in Japan

Eliane Elias plays Jobim


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Sugar Sugar, by The Archies.

I tell you, Jughead's drumming was the standout performance to me in this song.
I'm not selling Reggie short. He was a competent bass player, and his background vocals were pleasing and on pitch.

But Jughead's use of polyrhythms, a booming right foot, and intricate time signatures;
just brilliant.

I must say that Archie himself was in fine voice on this recording, and the keyboard and tambourine playing by Betty and Veronica were certainly up to session musician standards for the day.  (Spring of 1969.)

It all comes back to Juggie's eloquence and time sense on the drum kit though. The precise quarter note ride beats. The audacious fills, and the uncanny ability to fall into the pocket with Reggie's bass and Veronica's left hand on the ivories.
He was the rock solid glue that held it all together, and guided the other players to a higher plane.
I could hear it over and over again, and still not take it all in adequately.

I'm glad I'm listening on vinyl, that's for sure.



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29 minutes ago, Whitefang said:

Wasn't this guy The Archies' manager?




Bazooka Joe?
Well, near the end he was, and he ended up being Veronica's manager after The Archies broke up.

It was said that Reggie and Veronica wanted Archie to sign onto a ridiculous contract with Bazooka Joe, and Archie was reluctant.
This was after their earlier manager, Pop Tate, passed away.
The stress contributed to the band breaking up.
That and everyone else in the band being a bit miffed that Hot Dog (Juggie's big furry mutt) was being allowed to hang around the studio.

There had always been a "no pets allowed in the studio" rule in effect during the early years, but having Hot Dog hanging around all the time, and sitting on Archie's amp and singing discordant vocal lines no less, that was probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

It took many years for Archie to win his back catalog of songs back from Bazooka Joe, who had endeavored to sell them for a small fortune to Donny Osmond.

There was a lot of bad blood all around there!


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17 hours ago, jdgm said:

Tom Coster "From The Street"

McLaughlin - "Belo Horizonte" and "Music Spoken Here"

Saw McLaughlin when "Music Spoken Here" was released.  And he mentioned it before going into "Blues For L.W."  Then a bit later he and Katia Labeque(who with sister Marielle opened playing Gershwin's original  two piano arrangement of "Rhapsody In Blue") came back out and played this beauty of a duet.




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Jimmy Reed.

Anthology including all the good stuff.  Big Boss Man, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Goin' To New York, Bright Lights, Hush Hush, etc.

Great relaxing mid-tempo shuffle grooves for a hot June night.

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SugarLoaf Express featuring -

Lee Ritenour  -  Eric Gale  -  Harvey Mason  -  Patrice Rushen  -  Abe Laboriel  - Steve Forman

Excellent JVC direct disc - live in the studio, they cut a whole side at a time - and one of Lee's finest early recordings due to the incredible band and the guitar of Eric Gale (now long gone, alas).   Dig the bassline and the playing on this track -


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Today, June 29.  

Miles Espanol - New Sketches Of Spain.    A Bob Belden project with many heavy jazz dudes.

Weather Report - Procession

Cornell Dupree Live at Birdland.  The 2nd track is a great intrumental version of 'The Ghetto'  a Donny Hathaway tune that Dupree played on. 


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Me again!    What are you folks listening to?

Disc 2 of 'Miles Espanol' mentioned above.

1st (studio) side of Weather Report "I Sing The Body Electric".  Still some of the most incredible music I have ever heard in my life.

Brahms Piano Concerto no.2 - Claudio Arrau/B Haitink/Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Harvey Mason - With All My Heart

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