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The Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread...


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Pandora, a channel I created to get Rockabilly with less Country than their standard preset, "Brian Setzer Radio". I get les Country, but it does drift off to both Surf and Swing which isn't bad. Currently up is Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Kin Of Swing (Live).


I get lots of Stray Cats and Brian Setzer Orchestra with this channel, and some Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and others.


"Take Me To The Bank" by The Bottle Rockets just started. Very modern Chuck Barry Johnny B Goode-ish, sounds good (never heard of them before). Gets a "Thumbs Up".

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recently I've found myself obsessed with bands from the NWOBHM movement.


Particular favorites are Witchfinder General,Angel Witch,Grim Reaper,and VERY early Def Leppard from before they sold their souls to top 40 rock radio(pre-Pyromania)


I'm right there with ya. My NWOBHM obsession has been ongoing for a couple of years now. Most recently it has been Budgie, Tank, and Jameson Raid.

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What if that first dude was being sarcastic and just being funny? That's my bet.


Needs purple font.

YouTube. Stray Cats "Gene and Eddie".



It's their tribute to the works of Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent (two of the first real "rock and roll" stars, also Rockabilly). These two were a huge hit on everyone that came immediately after (including the Beatles, Stone, The Who, Zepplin, Jeff Beck- all of who have done one or more of their tunes) and many many more. In a lot of ways, they paved the way for the next generation of rock (both British Invasion and domestic).


I want to learn this tune (it's quite simple). And see if I can get the hang of singing and playing at the same time (haven't done that since acoustic work back in the 70s). Also would like to put together several of each of their songs (again pretty simple) and do a Rockabilly set.


ETA: Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to buy that Gretsch 6120 EC? [laugh]

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I've been totally obsessed with an album by the band Comus lately. Apparently

the original band only made one album, First Utterance, in 1971 after being

support for David Bowie. I absolutely love how they are psychedelic and heavy

even though it's all acoustic guitar, violin, flute, and acoustic percussion.


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Only dang think I'm listening to is my ears ringing to beat the bands. Tinnitus type ringing that is. Hope it lets up. I thinks it's from my sinuses and this stuffy air.


Going to hear some live bluegrass on a little town square in an hour. Would that count?



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