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The Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread...


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Cheesy Russian pop *coughtatucough

Don't judge me.

We all have guilty pleasures.


Checked out Japandroid...LOUD, reminds me of young people and angsty stuff. I was expecting three little asians with keyboards all electric and stuff.

May go back to that after another round of velveeta...


The house that heaven built is an awesome song the drummers triplets are insane. msp_thumbup.gif

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I didn't like them the first time I heard them, but my drummer was playing me the new album and I think I am going to pick it up. He said it reminds him of the emo he knew growing up in the Washington D.C. area. Think Guy Picciotto and Rites of Spring.


I only really ilke the house that Heaven Built. As I said in the post above the drummer and the timing in this song is to be envied. I want that drummer for my band

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