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The Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread...

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Listening to new recordings.....Mine; Fine tuning vocal stuff.....I have some expensive mikes, but I'm fine tuning using an MXL 4000 through tube pre-amps....


I sing myself, and have others sing as well on my stuff.....I co-write with others as well............REAPER software is good stuff.......[thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup] .....


My family is allowing me two beers this evening.....How cool..........:unsure: [crying][scared][thumbup] ..........I miss my " Vodka Nights ".........

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This is how my playlist has looked so far


Jeff Loomis - Jato Unit

Jeff Healy - See The Light

Children of Bodom - Ace's High

Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore

Dethklok - Thunderhorse

The Who - Baba Oriley


The list goes on in a similar fashion, I made this one cause I had a crap load of data entry to do at work today so the high energy metal keeps me going, but must be spaced out in between lighter songs so I don't get all head banging crazy and forget to do my work completely.

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Britney Spears and Justin Beiber covering Judas Priest BREAKING THE LAW duet........[scared] :unsure: [sneaky] .........

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