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world's scariest license plate


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[biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin][scared]



[scared] Here AnneS.. have a Hershey bar..... [sad]



Nope, nope, nope, not the scariest... well maybe. The saddest one I ever saw:


About 7 years ago. Young looking, long haired blond in a newer vintage YELLOW Corvette. Top down, hair billowing in the breeze as she cruised past me. The plates: "WAS HIS" [crying]


However, if you are on the cusp of a divorce, it would be scary.

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Given the variety of things that "PMS" is the accepted acronym for, I, too, have to wonder what the humor is:


PMS Pantone Matching System (color matching for publishing)

PMS Property Management System

PMS Pavement Management System

PMS Practice Management System

PMS Peninsula Medical School (Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, UK)

PMS Personal Medical Services

PMS Performance Management System

PMS Pre Main Sequence (astronomy)

PMS Project Management System

PMS Payment Management System

PMS Post-Marketing Surveillance (monitors ongoing safety of marketed drugs)

PMS Presidential Management Staff (Philippines)

PMS Professor of Military Science

PMS Performance Measurement System

PMS Presbyterian Mutual Society (savings plan)

PMS Philips Medical Systems

PMS Pre-Marital Sex

PMS Power Management System

PMS Performance Monitoring System

PMS Phenazine Methosulfate

PMS Program Management Support

PMS People's Medical Society

PMS Pass My Shotgun

PMS Portfolio Management System

PMS Preventive Maintenance System

PMS Pandora's Mighty Soldiers

PMS Personnel Management System

PMS Presbyterian Medical Services (Santa Fe, NM)

PMS Potential Murder Suspect (law enforcement)

PMS Package Management System (computer software)

PMS Program Management System

PMS Process Management System

PMS Project Management and Scheduling (Workshop)

PMS Pissy Mood Syndrome

PMS Poverty Monitoring System

PMS Premium Motor Spirit (fuel)

PMS Permanent Magnet Synchronous (motor)

PMS Productive Members of Society (recovery oriented)

PMS Postmeiotic Segregation

PMS Project Management Specialist

PMS Periodic Monthly Statement (automated clearinghouse method for duty payment to customs)

PMS Personal Mission Statement

PMS Processor Memory Switch

PMS Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (winter blues)

PMS Performance Management Solutions

PMS Personal Management System

pMS Participating Member States (European Defence Agency)

PMS Pacific Masters Swimming

PMS Postgraduate Medical School

PMS Platform Management System

PMS Pharmacy Management System

PMS Preventive Maintenance Service

PMS Patient Monitoring System

PMS Pedestal Mounted Stinger

PMS Martinique Socialist Party

PMS Pipeline Management System

PMS Particle Measurement System

PMS Parking Management System

PMS Project Master Schedule

PMS Procurement Management System

PMS Problem Management System

PMS Personnel Management Specialist

PMS Preventative Maintenance System (US DoD)

PMS Password Management System

PMS Precise Mousing Surface (3M mousepad)

PMS Percent of Market Share

PMS Pack My Suitcase

PMS Piedmont Middle School (California)

PMS Public Message System

PMS Pretty Mean Sisters (WWF wrestling)

PMS Power Money Sex

PMS Préparation Militaire Supérieure (France)

PMS Postmenstrual Syndrome

PMS Personal Mailing System

PMS Purchase More Shoes

PMS Palmetto Middle School (Miami, FL)

PMS Phased-Mission System

PMS Physical Media Specific

PMS Plant Management System

PMS Psychotic Men Slayerz (gaming clan)

PMS Powell Middle School (Brooksville, FL)

PMS Plant Monitoring System

PMS Periodic Mesoporous Silica (chemistry)

PMS NAVSEA Program Manager

PMS Phase Measurement System

PMS Pamper Me Softly, Inc.

PMS Prospect Management System

PMS Probability of Mission Success

PMS Plainfield Middle School

PMS Pershing Middle School (Missouri)

PMS Pure Motor Stroke (medical)

PMS Patapsco Middle School (Maryland)

PMS Program Master Schedule

PMS Program Management Specialist

PMS Plantation Middle School (Plantation, Florida)

PMS Pittsford Middle School (Pittsford, NY)

PMS Public Message Service

PMS Primary Medical Services Contract (National Health Service; UK)

PMS Palms Middle School

PMS Plaza Middle School

PMS Phillips Middle School (Iowa)

PMS Perpetual Motion Squad (TV show The Big Bang Theory)

PMS Precious Metals Sector

PMS Post-Marketing Survey

PMS Pardon My Swag

PMS Parkside Middle School (various locations)

PMS Picturephone Meeting Service (AT&T)

PMS Pacoima Middle School

PMS Practically My Sister

PMS Pepperoni Mushroom & Sausage

PMS Production Management Specialist

PMS Pennichuck Middle School

PMS Poe Middle School

PMS Pines Middle School (Pembroke Pines, FL)

PMS Paint Mixing System(s)

PMS Portable Memory Stick

PMS Pardon My Stupidity

PMS Pulse, Motor, Sensation

PMS Park Maitland School (Maitland, Florida)

PMS Philomath Middle School (Oregon)

PMS Pollard Middle School (Needham, MA)

PMS Program Management Squadron

PMS Portable Monitoring System

PMS Pre-Millennium Stress

PMS Program Manager Surface

PMS Permitted Maximum Signal (ITU-T)

PMS Pollicita Middle School (Daly City, CA)

PMS Production and Marketing Systems

PMS Pharmaceutical Marketing Society (UK)

PMS Program Manager Sea

PMS Portable Monitoring Set

PMS Phantom Menace Syndrome (Star Wars)

PMS Pines Montessori School (Kingwood, TX, USA)

PMS Permanent Measurement System

PMS Professional Military Studies

PMS Picacho Middle School (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

PMS Primary Message System

PMS Pueblo Middle School

PMS PAC II Project Management System

PMS Principal Marine Surveyor

PMS Passport Management System

PMS Passe Musikalske Studiner

PMS Parras Middle School

PMS Pac Man Syndrome (song)

PMS Phoenix Missile System

PMS Post Meal Sleepies :-)

PMS portable meteorological subsystem (US DoD)

PMS Pepperell Middle School

PMS Pennbrook Middle School

PMS Poor Motivational Syndrome (band)

PMS Penndale Middle School

PMS Palmer Middle School (Kennesaw, GA)

PMS Power Modulation Symposium

PMS Program/Project Manager, Sea (NAVSEA)

PMS Project/Program Manager, Ship (Naval Sea Systems Command)

PMS Proud Marin Sisters

PMS Pony Motor Starting

PMS Payson Middle School

PMS Penn Middle School (Claridge, PA)

PMS Physical Media Section

PMS Propellant Management Subsystem

PMS Punahou Middle School (Hawaii)

PMS Polymethysilane (polymer)

PMS Peru Middle School (Peru, New York)

PMS Post-Millennium Stress

PMS Provisioning Monitoring System

PMS Pressure Modulation System

PMS Programme Maghrébo-Sahélien

PMS Pollution Monitoring Satellite

PMS Penfield Middle School

PMS Pike and Musket Society (English civil wars living history group; Australia)

PMS Profiler Meteorological System

PMS Planned Maintenance Schedule/Systems

PMS Planned Maintenance System/Subsystem

PMS Particle Measure Systems

PMS Peshawar Medical Services

PMS Penalty Mail System (US Postal Service)

PMS Pueblo Municipal Shooters, Inc. (Pueblo, CO)

PMS Project Manager Ships

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LOL...how about THIS bumper sticker:


"Love is blind....and marriage is an EYE OPENER!!!"


That paraphrases something my Grandmother used to say, "Marriage is like new born kittens. It takes about three days to get your eyes open." [crying]

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I play bluegrass. The old favorite bumper sticker "Ralph Stanley for President" has been replaced with "I hear banjos...paddle faster" [tongue]


Depends. Are you pedaling to or from the Banjers.


It's all in how you look at it. Kind of like where you put that "Run, Jesse, Run" bumper sticker. (a bumper sticker seen hears ago when Jesse Jackson was running for pres.) Some put it on the back bumper [woot] .... some put it on the front bumper. [scared]

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