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Help identify this sg?


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I recently got a trade offer of this supposed gibson sg standard that had been sanded and reshaped. It looked interesting so I inquired further, and got some more high resolution pictures. After a closer look this definitely isn't a sg standard, but I can't tell if it's not a gibson at all? There's no binding on the fretboard, the neck is maple instead of mahogany, and I don't know if the back electronics plate looks right either. Also the body looks to be made of multiple strips of wood instead of decent sized planks? Apparently the truss rod cover was taken off an epi les paul which is why it says gibson on it, and at some point the 1/4" jack got smashed in so the owner added the birch plate on the body..


According to the owner the guitar had a ferrari red powder coat type of paint job on it, which makes me think it was possibly an 80's model, maybe an sg special?

He said the pots are labeled a500k and b500k if that makes a difference?



I'm not an expert on these by any means, so can anyone shed some light on this?





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