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finding guitar picks


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So.. Who still has their very first guitar pick? I have mine and its 24 years old. I keep it for sentimental value and rarely play it bacause i have noticed a couple of small cracks in it.

Its a transparent kind of tortoise shell, not sure what material and was made by Antoria. Its a thin 0.48mm.

I would love more of them but I cant find any.. the store I bought it from was back in Scotland and it shut down many years ago. I have googled but seem to be drawing a blank, maybe not searching properly.

Are any of the folk on here familiar with the brand or where i can get some??

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Didn't know I was s'posed to savor those. Mine has long ago been lost.


You remind me of my sister. She is the only one I know who can drain a Bic Stick pen. I always lost mine before I got a good start usin' up the ink.


yup, never ran out of ink in a bic pen..lol.. the pick on the other hand, i never set out to deliberately keep it. after buying and trying other brands etc the original stayed in the wee box I kept my picks in.

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