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Who the **** is Billy Morrison?


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i just ordered a gibson "fuzzy fred" sig les paul from a dealer in china, i'm assured it's genuine...


pics when it arrives [thumbup]




Instant f00z tone!


Actually, a guitar with a built in fuzz box... hmmmm... I do have an MXR Classic Overdrive I don't use... and a Strat that could some carving out...


My sig will actually be an SG... so I think you got ripped off

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With the 'Fuzzy Fred' model. You get a 'pubic hair' set in resin. Then made into a volume control knob.

You can then then 'Fiddle with Fred'.


It says in the info. Billy Morrison was the guitarist with Billy Idol. I thought it was Steve Stevens?

I think we should have a Brian May Les Paul. He's never played one so he deserves a sig model.


or a Hugh Heffner Viagra model. With a 'Hard' wood top of course.

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apart from the sig part pup...do you like the guitar?


Yeah, it's cool. But it seems like just a Custom with some Duncans in it.

Oh wait, that's what my avatar guitar was. [rolleyes]


I guess this one one chambered too. Aren't most customs just weight-relieved?

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