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1. Need consideration of length of time. E.g., just a 3-4 second thing as an intro, a constant background for a 30-second spot... relatively quiet for voice over then "BANG!"


2. Style obviously would be to fit mostly teen/young 20s males or those who wish they were. My guess would be some real power guitar, probably just straight chords, but something like in E, just the bottom two or three strings with palm mute for four counts, two counts, then all six strings loudly one count each A and barre B something.


3. The above sorta thing likely would work, but some may depend on the paintball venue's specialty and how they do their thing. E.g., if we're talking about organized forces, perhaps more of a military sorta thing kinda like Le Boudin, but with emphasis on offbeat so voiceover has time with the onbeats.


4. Find "Wipeout," the old 60s rock instrumental, and consider how drum and guitars had an interplay. Consider an update with more modern drum and guitar sounds.


Just some ideas, but... again, I'd be concerned not to have more interface with the other creative staff people to know what they really are thinking. It's almost a shot in the dark without that, IMHO, even if "you" are the most talented ad riff guy in the world.



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Don't use power chords. That's not a riff. Use an open string as a pedal tone

(E or A) and riff over it. Try the E string open and riff off the A and D stings

in the 5th and 7th position. The possibilities there are endless!


This idea with some drop D 5ths. First lick that popped in my brain was the intro to Rusty Cage about 25 seconds in... by Soundgarden.

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Please. Help me. A vancouver based company asked me to write a jingle for a radio ad.

Im stuck. I cant think of anything. Help?


Do a rewrite with a new riff....." I am stuck on paintballs, cause paintballs stick on me." [thumbup]


Or, " Ask your doctor if paintballing is right for you." :unsure: with a metal riff.......

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