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This thing is a weapon.


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Well, it's here, my 2005 LP standard faded. After all these years on strats, it takes a little getting used to & we gigged this week & although I was tempted, I stuck with the strat reasoning I have my eye in a bit more on the Fender.


Anyway, I can't put down the Paul. It feels great under my hand, the quality is superb, but the tone is unbelievable. In our live set, we play the full version of this:



It goes down well as the big finish, but since I got the les paul, there's no way I'll ever do this live on the fender again, it's made for the Gibson. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. One question, the faded sunburst finish is not winning me over, would it be easy enough to have a coat of gloss laquer applied to the body or would I have to have the thing stripped & redone?

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2005 LP Standard faded, 50's style neck.

I’m not familiar with that model so thanks for the picture and the song.

I wonder what pickups it has in it?


Great to hear some positive feedback about Gibson guitars instead of some bashing.

I really like my Gibson guitar, a great setup, neck, fret work, etc.

A Fender may have their place, so does Gibson.

Gibson still makes great guitars.


That sunburst reminds me of my Gary Moore BFG burst LP. I just like it for what it is.

You do have a point about the finish if you don’t care for it, it’s your guitar.

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