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J50 Repair and Gig Notes


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This is about the revival of my old 67 J50, which I picked up for a song about 10 years ago but was about to give up on. It had developed some bellying behind the bridge, some cracks, rough visually. Narrow nut. I took it to a new shop in the area for an appraisal, but the tech said he could get it back in shape and at a fee well under some others I'd been quoted. Well, besides getting the settled, he re-set the bridge (intonation was off). That axe had always seemed a bit compressed. It sings now, even with a set of 11s on it.


Last night took it to an open mike. Gave 'em Delia, Talco Girl (Steve James). It was fantastic. I was on my game the sound was great (omni-direction mikes, good speakers). And the J50 came through: big bass, crystalline high end. Great warm pad to sing on. There is something about Gibsons. Folks commented on how great it sounded (most everyone else had Martins and Taylors).


I still worry about the guitar, mostly whether or not it will hold up and that nut spacing. But it's got THAT sound.





J50 and me (about 10 years back)


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