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Looking for Tailpiece for 1956 L-48


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Well, after years of faithful service, the original tailpiece finally gave way.


I am looking for a tailpiece for a L-48. I have tried eBay, but it seems the specific style I need is hard to find?


I need the kind like in this picture with the peghole in the middle surrounded by three screw holes.


Thanks in Advance!


post-7993-066242000 1298914011_thumb.jpg

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This is just a standard "335" style tailpiece, probably the most common tailpiece used on Gibson guitars. the reason you cant's find one with the strap button hole is due to the "handmade" nature of Gibson instruments, the hole has been necessarily drilled in the exact same place over the 60 years. You will have to locate, and drill, the strap button hole yourself.


Here's some of the current aftermarket replacement tailpieces available:



And it is also possible (as most likely) the manufacturer of one of the tailpieces is the same company that makes them for Gibson, therefore an exact replacement.


My best bet would be this one:



Some catalog sites also give your engineering or "spec" drawings such as this, so you can measure your mounting holes to match:


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I can understand your search....I just purchased a 1949 ES175 in mint condition but minus a tailpiece. I'm searching for an orginal trapeze tailpiece with the raised 3 diamonds...anyone out there know where I can look? I let you know if I located the tailpiece for your

56 L-48.



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