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Looking for an up-beat song for my set list...


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Looking for some suggestions, I'm not a big strummer, but want something more lively...thanks!!!



Did you want to sing?


Guitar boogie shuffle is a flexible 'E' instrumental, good to end a set.

Kenny Sultan has a fingerpicking version called the Sick Boogie.


You are going to get all kinds of replies....


Regards BK.

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I have 2 that I pull out when things drag...acoustic American Girl and acoustic Running on Empty. At one of the Homecoming Open Mics, I did a "hard" acoustic version of Wilco's "Too Far Apart" because the 5 songs or so that came before me were pretty folky and I wanted to show the rock versatility of the SWD. (I sing terribly and shouldn't be doing any of these publicly, but they are just so much fun to play).

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