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This 1969 J45 square shoulder is off the charts


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Hi folks,


1st post here. Please be nice.


Just want to put it out there that I picked up a late 60's square shoulder J45 for $899. This story seems typical. I went to buy strings, sauntered into the acoustic guitar room at the local GC and there she was. After two strums, I was hooked. I must admit, wanting a vintage Gibson, I didn't know much about the knock these guitars get. Now I do and frankly, I don't understand. I get how the adjustable bridge can suck tone from the instrument. I actually replaced the rosewood saddle with a tusq saddle. The height of new saddle allowed me drop the saddle in without any need for the adjustable hardware. I've since removed the bolts from under the top and set the bridge in with the screws for looks. It needed frets, so I had my guy put in period correct frets (Chad, from Chicago Guitar and Amplifier). Being familiar with late 60's Gibson electrics, the neck is three piece, no volute, no Made In USA. The serial number checks out to be 1969. There doesn't seem to be a double X brace on this particular guitar. My thoughts are that this particular guitar compares to a Hummingbird without the inlays or guard. I'm sure there's many who'd disagree. It sounds incredibly balanced. While it's no cannon, it has depth and volume for sure. I've thought about trying to trade up for a round shoulder, even bringing it to a couple of local Chicagoland vintage shops. When I play it against 50's and 60's J45's, I can hear a difference in bass, but not a $2500 difference. Maybe 41 years of playing will do that to a guitar. Anyhow, I'm enjoying the posts and curious if anyone shares my belief on these late 60's beauties. Cheers!

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