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Do my eves deceive me? It's even wired 50s. Never seen that on a stock Epi. I'm impressed. Looks like a gorgeous guitar...Congrats.

I read the write-up on the Gibson website. Epiphone truly outdid themselves.

How do you like the neck profile?



It has a LONG switch craft and most wires are combo'd in those grey ones

The pickups are Burstbucker 2 & 3 (Bonamassa style)

The White transisters say


150 M

.022UK +- 10%


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Where are this guitar sold for 370 GBP ?



Good question, Peter.

I also would like to know [smile]

That's a great deal.

HNGD, Snake!


I love mine, but it's in Iced Tea (second from right):



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I recently played an Epi '59 LP tribute that was $1030 Cdn. and it was the finest sounding and playing Les Paul I've ever played and that includes Gibsons and Orvilles by Gibson.It's too bad my wallet wouldn't let me buy it.

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