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ever seen one of these

mud guy

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this just showed up on the local kijiji. Seller says a korean made lp custom, upgraded to EMGs. The EMGs don't interest me, but the finish on the guitar does, here is on of the photos:




Anyone seen that finish before on a custom, like a transcherry or something?



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Anybody else think the position of the knobs is suspect? If it's a fake, the color may not be anything Epi has used.

Yeah, I do. They look way off to me.

Also, does that thing have a carved top? It may be the light, but it looks like the top may be flat.

I would be weary of that guitar.

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Those two photos powerfully illustrate that the angle the shot is taken from has a massive impact on visual perspective.


It's actually the carved top is that is making one knob look out of line on the first photo.



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