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I Bought a House: FIRST PICTURES


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[My real estate agent just informed me that the owners have accepted our counter offer on the house.

I'm stoked.

It's a four bedroom, three bath 2750 sqft. home on 1.5 acres in Orcutt, CA.

It's a bit of a fixer-upper. There couldn't be a better fit for my family. Room to grow.

We're going to turn it back into it's original splendor.

Because I know how you guys love to see photographs, I'll post some soon.

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Thanks guys.

The home does need some TLC and yes it's a little more expensive out here on the West Coast.

The neat thing about it is that it's in a wonderful neighborhood and it's property.

California prices are coming down. We're right at 500,000.00.

The comps on the Central Coast for a property this size are in the $700,000.00 range.

We put 50-75K into it and we'll certainly see a bump in equity.

Like I said before, I'll take lots of photographs. I'm planning on doing a before and after montage.

Later for now. Have to take my kid to a birthday party.

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Congratulations. It is fun and rewarding to bring a big house back into good condition again.


I am living in a place I bought in 1993. It is a brick federal style on 24 acres and was in rough condition when we moved in. Half of the fun of bringing it back to life was all of the people that I would run into at public places telling how great it was to drive by and see this place being restored.


Have fun and enjoy the adventure of fixing it back up.

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Reminds me of George Carlin.

"The only reason we buy a house is so we can put all of our stuff in it."


I was thinking the same thing and it is very true. Up until I was 29 I could move everything I owned Including a Marshall half stack in one trip all in my 91 Trans am. When I rented a trailer when I was 30 I got married and lived there for 3 years. When I moved it took a short box van to move everything to the house I bought. Now I look around and it would probably take 2 full semi trailers to move... It's amazing how much "stuff " you can accumulate if you sit still for too long. Good luck with your new home. They are a blessing and the bane of your life all at the same time.




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Pics will have to wait until we tour the house again with the inspector.

He'll basically go over the entire property and let us know what the outcome is.

He'll check the furnace, the roof, the electrical panel, plumbing as well as other items.

So when I get back in there, I'll be able to take the "before" photos.

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