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hey everyone, i picked up my new chorus pedal a few days ago!!


i got it real cheap at my local music store... i traded in a crappy old DOD yngwie OD pedal and my set of Gibson 490 pups that I got for free.


I ended up paying only $25 for a $90 pedal [thumbup]


anyway, it sounds f'n sweet!! i just got to plug it in for the first time a lil while ago... but i love how it sounds and i can't wait to discover the rest of the tonal possibilites of the pedal!! [biggrin]


btw, i already found a pretty sweet setting, pretty much exactly what i wanted out of the chorus pedal:


e. level: just past 1 o'clock

eq: just past 2 o'clock

rate: just past 11 o'clock

depth: almost dimed, just past 3 o'clock


rock on guys!!! [thumbup]

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