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So the GF and I were having a discussion the other day about things we can do together and she mentioned she'd maybe like to take guitar lessons. She played folkie stuff in HS but hasn't played in a long time (but she plays better than she thinks she does when I can get her to pick up a guitar) and her music tastes have changed to mostly classical. I thought I'd like to try something different so I suggested classical guitar lessons (with the thought in the back of my head that this meant at least one and probably two more guitars in the family). We have a friend who went from fingerstyle to classical a couple years ago who said it took him about a year and a half to break all his "bad habits" and learn to play classical style.


Anyhow, the result so far is this:







It's a Yairi CYM-95 and completely different from anything else in the stable. The fretboard is way wider than anything else I have including the 12 strings. Nylon strings are way harder on the fingers than I thought they would be. The sound and control is fabulous - it's way more sensitive to string pressure and attack than any of the other acoustics - I can tell this is going to be fun to learn.

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I'm with Matt on that.


Let's assume you have no inclination to play "classical" in any sort of public venue, I think you still will find that it does marvels for your concept of what you're doing on the fingerboard.


And... at some point you may also find yourself doing some fingerstyle even if you're not performing "classical."


It's all good.



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