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Hi, i have a Les Paul Standard, it says on the rod cover and on the back of the neck it says "Custom Shop Edition" does that mean it is an LP custom? Custom/standard. and no idea what year it is. any help would be appreciated


the serial is 91103392.


Many thanks

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Here are some fotos. As it turns out, this was "paid" to me in lieu of a few months rent.


I'm trying to figure out now what would be a good price for this guitar. It doesn't have any big dings.

a couple near the bridge and one on the back. i would say its in "very good" condition. what do you think?








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:o all i can say is wow, I have never been one to comment on peoples guitar finishes and maple tops because its a kind of seen it all before thing but dude that is one sexy dark les paul.


if I was not left handed I would start negotiating a price now


im not too current with resale prices so I will not comment.


only negative thing i have is the control cavity plates, it may just be the angle of the photos but they look askew. Either they are on the wrong way round, they are not the originals or custom shop did a bad job either way I wouldnt care if she had a pimple on her butt!

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Hey Angellus, thanks man, too kind :D

it seems the plates are on the right side, but it does look like the fit is not so great, maybe they are replacements.

as you said there are worse places to have a bad fit, jeje.

Thanks for that last bit of info too.

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if i was right handed i'd bite your hand off! i'm not too keen on my SG, i'm definately a les paul player. Two very different guitars

jejejeje, lol. my first electric (and only for like 10years) was an SG, two different animals there never was. i inherited my LesPaul, which i love, but i rarely play standing up, and to play sitting is well, not the best. jaa, too bad we cannot trade hmm.

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