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1962 Ebony Block SG Les Paul Standard

Kevin James

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Hi guys, first time poster here looking for some info. I have always heard the ebony block standard is the rarest version of the SG and not very many were made but can't seem to find any reliable info anywhere on how many were actually made. Anyone here have any info about the numbers on these? I just bought one and I'm really interested in finding out.


I have been in the market for a clean 100% original no excuses early SG and was looking for a early 61 or an ink stamped late 60 IF I could find a clean one. I had ruled this varient out because every clean one I have seen was going for $25,000 or more OR they had some sort of neck repair, changed parts or a story/excuse of some kind. Well, to my surprise I found a SCARY clean one that's 100% original no issues no excuses and near mint condition at a reputable dealer priced only about $1000 higher then I was looking to spend so.... I pulled the trigger. It's payed and I'm just waiting for delivery.


Anyone with info on these OR anyone that actually owns one I'd love to hear from you.


Here's a pic of the one I bought from the dealers site :)



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Anyone? Nobody here has one?


I emailed Gibson and they gave me the shipping totals for LP SG's for 62 but couldn't tell how many Ebony Block models. They did give me a scan of the page in the shipping ledger with my serial number though (shipped Wednesday 9/12/62).

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