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White Gibson SG Standard Rare?????

Gibson SG

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It's uncommon but I wouldn't go as far as to say rare.

The 2006 was a Music123 exclusive.

You can still buy it today from GC, MF, or M123, however they have changed the pickups to coil-split burtstbuckers.

Thanks for the info!

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you don't see many. i have a friend whom has a white sglespaul with 3 gold pickups and trimed in gold. i have a 68 sg standard with the chrome tail piece and still play it twice a week. have had it for 43 yrs. straight from gibson to my home. walnut finish and one of a kind

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I own a white 2006 SG Standard. It is in good condition, but I would like to know if it is rare, I rarely EVER see THIS color. Thanks!


I guess everybody has chimed in already, but no, Gibson seems to crank them out every few years or so. Some have rosewood fretboards and the regular pickup configuration. My 2010 model has a nice ebony fretboard and push/pull pots to switch from single to double coil.


As far back as 1990, Gibson has offered the SG Special in Classic White, sometimes with chrome hardware, sometimes with gold hardware. And, just as with the standard, either a rosewood or ebony board.


For awhile, Gibson even offered their SG Reissue bass in Classic White.

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