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Well I just got a flyer showing a new line of silver Jewelry made for guitarist it's a joint project between King Baby Studio's and Fender? Why is it that I can get 500 differnet cool objects covered in the Fender logo and I still can't get a decent t-shirt with the Gibson logo I know Henry always says they'll do it in the future but they are focusing on guitars right now? But when is the future gonna get here Weve beed waiting a long time. My current Gibson t-shirt is pushing 15 years old and no I don't count the recent $95 bowling shirts and $100 t-shirts as part of the solution.

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Yea, It seems as though Gibson just does not feel the need to advertise their

product with trinkets/apparel at a reasonable price. Like you, I wont buy a $100 t-shirt or a

$30 pen with a Gibson logo on it.


Their shop in Opry Mills has a lot of stuff but for whatever reason you

can't seem to find it online.


BTW How long has that Firebird been delayed? I cant believe they have not

replaced the picture on the forums page with at least a model that's


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