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I have been asked about the Baggs Element pickup in my J45, so I thought about the reason I use this technology. I run it through an Aura Spectrum to an acoustic amp or PA.

Very convenient! Not a perfect acoustic sound, slightly electric, slightly pretty, but very, very good.


We'll go back a quite a few years:


There was no choice if you wanted to play solo acoustic guitar live (in my case, blues). You used a microphone, hopefully a Shure 57, 58, but often worse; this was placed somewhere in front of your guitar and the soundguy would turn up the channel on the mixer til it screamed, then turn it down.

The first song or two in your set were accompanied by a low feedback rumble from your monitor, until it built into the SQUEELllllllllllllllllllllllll! WOW. YOW!

Then to keep you going, your microphone is turned down so much in your monitor that you cannot hear anything except possibly your own breathing. Impossible to play acoustic guitar this way. Audience is looking perplexed - they hear everything bright and clear! You feel like you are in some dark tunnel....


So somebody (Larry Fishman?) invented gadgets!


I bought a variety of acoustic guitar gadgets over the years, they are all covered in dust and spiders since I bought the Fishman Aura Spectrum.

It is a great compromise - you can control your sound, level, eq and feedback.


I also have a 2 channel acoustic amp one channel for guitar and another for vocal. I think just about every amp manufacturer makes one of these now.

The vocal channel is way, way better than any PA I played in as a beginner!


I head to the local 'Blues Jam night'

So I decide to use the amp as a 'guitar monitor' facing me, and the vocals in the PA.




Vocal mike screams in the monitor until I stop playing.


The guy in charge of the PA is serving food and drinks....



Regards BK.

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