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They guy's a loser.


He urninated his fortune away. He probably put 200 people out of work on the set of 2½M because he decided to act like a moron.


This kind of self destructive behavior will not reverse itself until Sheen hits rock bottom.... if he survives it. At some point, he will be sitting in his rented mobile home with $2.38 left in foodstamps and figure, "Something has GOT to change."




He will just be


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I tell you what, Let's do something constructive with this thread:


How should they write him out of the show?


My suggestion.


He decides he really doesn't like girls anymore, so he has a gender re-alignment operation. I mean the way he always crossed his legs makes me wonder. He does have awful purty legs. The new character can be played by Rosanne Barr and be the same love-em and leave-em perv he/she always was.


The brother will have his former brother's stones implanted so he can man-up, get his son out of that rotten child rearing environment and get his own place.


They will re-name the show 2 Men and a Fruitloop. That would make the kid one of the 'Men'. He's what? 25 now?

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Does anyone else think there will be a OD in the near future for Charlie?


" Quiting is for losers !!!! "....[flapper] ............Sure, he's an addict for sure.............Even if he stays clean, his heart may already be damaged; thus he is prone


for a heart attack at any time.....Imagine him dying from cardiac arrest, and his system shows no drugs or booze....THAT would PROVE him a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I heard he's working on a new show where every week we can tune in to see him do coke and beat and rape a terrified girl. That'll be soooo winning! [woot]


How dare you!


He'd NEVER beat a lady.


Just pay them for sex and have them join him in substance abuse.


He's classy, not trashy.


Seriously, it looks like a new rehab reality show waiting to happen.


Robert Downey Jr. needs to give him a heart to heart.


Im pretty sure Downey recovered from when he fell much lower down from grace.

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