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Gday again all, Well today I finally got the Epiphone AFD. Im supremely pleased with the way it plays and feels, however I have one minor disapointment,...the finish, in particular overspray on the binding, not to pleased with that but considering appearance is secondary to sound I'll not dwell to much on it. I was also suprised at how light it feels compared to my Standard plus and studio. Any ways enough of the dribble and on with the pics!...(as before srry about the quality its a phone)






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Fine looking guitar and case !!

a light buffing (by hand) with either #0000 ultra fine steel wool, or a dish washing "scruffy" pad should remove the overspray w/o damaging your binding...

I see a Zoom G1Next in the background of one pic.....I have the same multi unit, and absolutely LOVE it since i've figured out how to alter the pre-set patches to suit my tonal needs.

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Well, I'm happy to say that the top on your guitar is much, MUCH nicer than any of the AFD's that I've seen in person, Inertial. The book-matched flame tops on the guitars we've gotten in at the store all look as though the halfs were placed on DIFFERENT guitars ... a real "light half/dark half thing going on with them


Congrats on picking a winner!



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