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My First Gibson, A Studio LP, Wine Red w/ gold


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Well, after many years of waiting, wishing, and hoping, I finally managed to get myself a Gibson. I have always drooled over them, and in fact, had only even touched a select few real GIBSON's in my whole life. But this year, I broke down and got me one. Cost $1400 US ,brand new,(I was the first person to take it out of the case since it left the factory)with hardshell case and some $40 straplocks. So far, the only flaws I have found is (and i hate to say this) a CRAPPY joint between the neck and FB, as well as almost INSTANT fading to the gold on the bridge. other than that, i COULDNT BE HAPPIER!!!

Heres some pics!!!






If you look REALLLY close in above pic, you can see the fading on the Low-E(top)of the bridge and stop bar "mount screw".



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