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Going to California...


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Just had to write that headline since Led Zep is such a great band :)


Anyway I am off to San Fransisco in April and wondered if anyone can point me to a used guitar shop where I can

browse some nice Les Pauls? I want to buy a regular standard from 2002 or there abouts. Mind you I have never been

to SF (or California for that matter) so please keep the stores in or close to the centrum since I don't want to

wander to far away...


Thank you for your help


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Cool store and the area is legendary.

Have fun

San Francisco is my favorite town. Plenty of really great and fun stuff to do.


Great. Thanks Mark!


If you're going to San Francisco


be sure to wear some flowers in your hair . . .


(John Phillips)




And bring that fat wallet in case something else catches your eye. B)


Lol - If I had any hair I could actually take you up on that offer... but sadly [flapper] [flapper] [flapper] [flapper] I don't call my

band for Coneheads for nothing [biggrin]

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