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Damian's Update On Legal Battles


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The battles continue.......I fight for my peace, justice, and the right to live, and I fight to win.......


I study law, and have for years...........Today I won one of my major battles................


Remember, always stand up for yourself, always, love your life, loved ones,


and never compromise............And that's that....I think I'll finally have a drink now,


and plug in a Gibby...........



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need to clear your mailbox.


the public wonders, "what has occured today for the betterment of society? what significance might this have on poeples lives?"


the public, also, feels happy for a man who it would appear has had a wrong put right, and has had a good day.



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So you have officially and legally been declared an emoticon now?! [flapper][biggrin]


Careful with that tiger's blood!



Gratz man!





PS. Please bring back Machine Gun Kitty!

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Holy Tiger Blood !!!! I posted then left for 11 days to wander the desert !!!! Kitty comes back tomorrow Andy; I'll clean out my PM box Stein, and thanks Pippy, 57 Classic, and Steve....


I'm back for a while to hang out with you all !!!!!!! Welcome to the forum Layla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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