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Quick Question (Andy?) :)


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Hey quick question for those in the know, (Andy?) [biggrin]


Took my pick guard of my LP Trad last night to clean etc, and there is a small dent in the top from the pick guard bracket..( sort it out Gibson, seen too many LP's with these "battle" scars)


Just wondering if the wet rag and soldering iron trick would lift it out? or does that only work on bare wood?


No biggie, I can always put PG back on, but any suggestions? (yes I can live with it, especially after seeing the damage on Andy's SG...)


Thanks in advance...

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No it probably won't since there is finish over the wood. The heat and steam trick really only works when the wood grain can absorb the moisture causing it to expand. I'm not sure what Gibson can do about the dents maybe add some felt but that would probably end up sticking in the finish....



Sorry no help....




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