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Japan earthquake and floods


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It is good to hear from you. It does my heart good to hear someone from Japan let us know how you are, because it is all over the news and everything we see here is not good and we really have no way of really knowing what is going on. We only get the bad news.


While i have no direct connection, it really freaks me out, both from an interest in earthquakes and nature and an interest in world events. One thing I think that is easy to overlook is that there is more than just a death toll that hurts, poeple can suffer in many ways.


These events are very impressive to me. I have never seen an earthquake of this magnatude before, and I wonder if we really know what the effects are. And I am impressed by the resiliance of the Japanese poeple.


Please keep us informed. I think we have a lot we can learn from hearing about what happens from this time into the future.

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Damn, Joe. How can anyone be able to measure such pain. We try to express it in terms of magnatude, floods, damage, but really what matters is the damage to poeples hearts and souls as thier lives are taken, either in the form of loved ones or in what was needed to survive and have joy in life.

Why would God have such a thing happen? Who can answer that except God. But we should know that those that are dead are safe, there is no pain for them, but for those without them here.

It is my hope that such a disaster helps us to see what is important. One big disaster to open our eyes. The pain is awesome and great in one swoop, uncontrolled by man. But every day and every way, we have men causing pain to each other.

Maybe, if we all have to stop and try to help those in need in such a massive scale, we will learn to use our resources to help each other instead of hurt each other?

I wonder, Joe, if God was to make such a disaster to teach us, to show us who we are and make us want to be better poeple, where would this happen? I would guess it would be in a place where the poeple are both the most humble and the strongest. I think that is Japan.

I know nothing about this of corse, I have no right to say, just that I wonder what is true.

Please keep us informed and keep your head up. In many ways, we are more helpless than you, and in many ways, we need you more than you need us.

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thank you stein. i keep reporting.


God and people are bad each other lately


so not much gets any better?


or because we dont have the sprits enough


since 1969? what should we do from today?





I keep asking. For now, I keep watching, and I watch how the japanese poeple behave. I don't see any lying or blaming or bs coming from there when they report, (concerning the nuclear reactor problems).




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Just was looking at satillite photos of before and after.


The devastation there from the tsunami is completely. Anyone who had anything there it is now completely gone, and even the earth itself where there was anything is ruined it seems.


They will all need new lives, and at least the number of dead so far will need more loved ones to take thier place.

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