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Gibson (SG) string spacing


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Hi guys.

I have this question maybe it was asked before but I can't find it, I don't manage search function very well [unsure] .


So... what is the string spacing on SG Special (I have one in ebony finish)?

Also do all SG's have same string spacing, if not, some clarification please?

About Gibson electrics in general, LP, SG, Flying V, Firebird, ES... what are common string spacing?


Fender uses vintage 2 7/32" and modern 2 1/16", but I couldn't find some info about Gibson [confused] .


Thanks for help in advance.

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As far as I know, recent and current Gibson SGs and Les Pauls with Nashville bridges are at 2 1/16". ABR-1 TOMs for their part seem to be spaced at 1 15/16".



Older (70s?) style of bridge would be 2".

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