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I almost hate to post here...


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Because I have so little time lately out of the shop I feel like it's deceptive.. in that I have no idea when I can get back in to reply.


Been missing the place/people though so I thought I'd post anyway!

and let the picks fall where they may!


I got a new partner for my Dove..


Breedlove acoustic electric jumbo. plays fantastic. sound great, too.

I suck unfortnately. Was even gonna sell Betty, my Dove, but you know .. can't give it up!






Put new pups in Blondy, my sheraton... GFS tron style so they have gold with black bezels showing in the middle..

so I swithed to black guard etc.. no pics yet. will try to get some.


And I built myself a new ABY passive pedal.. not fancy since it's just for me.. but works right!

matches my overdrive pedal also my build.




I'm thinking of just knocking off some work.. for one thing, I'm a getting old!.. and for another I am sort of starting to hate the guard work.. costs.. time.. and overall weirdness of guard fit is starting to bug me.


Besides I built this amp.. and amps are starting to be something I really really love doing.


(used raven combo.. now an all tube 18 watt killer!)




I know I'm a bit all over the place with the pics and such for the elec. forum..hope that's cool, Mr. Mod!


You all be cool and Happy Pickin!



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Hi Twang, good to hear from you. Good to hear you're keeping busy, too.


I've always liked the looks of those Breedloves, and I've played one or two that have sounded divine. Nice score.


"Don't be a stranger!" msp_biggrin.gif



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Good to hear that you're "alive and well", Twangster, old boy!


The guitars and pedals look super ... I just hope you occasionally get to put down the soldering iron and take 'em all for a spin!


Stay happy and visit us more often!



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Good to see ya here !! ...... I know you're one busy guy. I like the amp idea, tell ya what; you build the tube chassis and I'll build the speaker cabs....... We'll call them " Twanger's" (Twang Amps)



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Glad to hear from you Twang. With the health issues you faced a while ago, and no posts recently, you had me wondering.

I hope all is well, and that you visit a bit more often.

Nice amp. And let me also congratulate you on the Breedlove. They can be very nice guitars.

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Thanks everyone.. !


I spent enough time on Bob (the Breed) when I first got it to know I stink!

And I've just promised myself this working on stuff is going to get cut down.

I need to play.


Some local dude is starting a band.. so I may take a shot at that.

I dunno though. I think he wants a bassplayer and I'd rather keep on the guitar.


Bob the B is pretty nice. A little less volume than I expected from a jumbo.. but only when fingerpicking. Seems to love the flatpick.


I'm really happy with the amp. I put 380.00 into it and got one offer of 400.00.

Well, for all that work, and for all that tone, and 20.00 profit? She's mine baby!

Best thing I've built so far, too.


I am in terrible shape.. not a lick of exercise to be had in the shop and at my age that's starting to have it's effect. So onto the treadmill and hit the weights.. it's my birthday gift to me.

Gonna be 62, soon.


The ABY I just cobbled together. The designers of the overdrive want it kept under the radar, so I promised to keep mum.

I am going to work on a different idea for that asap so. .that one I'll blather about for sure.


I've got a guy who is gonna make me cabs. Man I don't have the time to build the cab and the amp and do all this other stuff, so I need that. But he's got a full time job and not a lot of time so there's a big wait involved.

That's why I went with scavenging the Raven solid state.

So if someone can build cabs.. heads or combos.. I'm interested!



By the way.. I'll get to the stuff for sale forum and also mention it here.. the 60 watt solid state raven amp and it's 12" speaker.. 50.00 shipped... no cab..works perfect. I figure someone out there may want it.

Do you think that's too much? counter offer!

I also have an 20 watt raven amp with 12" speaker.. 30.00 shipped, again no cab.

I don't need 'em I just want to see them go to someone who may find them handy, phones and verb and all, handy for practice.


I love doing the amps best of all, but there sure isn't any profit to it. Operated at a loss last year!


I know that I'm gonna spend more time on me this year.. healthwise and playing wise. Not much time left in these old bones and I miss running badly.. and playing especially.


I let the business part overwhelm the music part and I didn't start doing that to wind up sloppy chops.


Good to hear from everyone.. and I'll be back more and more often as I get caught up, for sure!

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