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I got a letter from the park board today. They said I wouldnt be able to do my summer park tour [crying]

But I do know that a local music store has a summer concert series that I can perform in. AND I got 3

gigs for the rest of the year. One at a party in May, another at a wedding, and then one in a year (2012)

at my uncles anniversary, in the Philippines. so I guess I'll be good. just wanted to let you guys know. [biggrin]

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It's all good.... except for the bad stuff.



Chin up man, more will come your way :)

What? ChanMan got the first post on MY THREAD? WOOOHOOO!!! [woot]

haha but yea Im alright. Im also performing a song with my dad at that party.

Im teaching him how to play guitar, then I'll give him song long hair to re-live the old days [flapper]

but his part is actually just a quick solo, but it should be fun for him. [thumbup]

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