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DR Pure Blues nickel


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I know there have been a lot of 'string' questions on this forum. I did a search and could not find this topic.

I have been playing my 2008 Standard (plek'd) with DR Pure Blues nickel 10s for 5 weeks now. The D string's wrapping has broken, for lack of a better word, and has deadened the string. The wrap tore at the 2nd and 3 frets. I can actually slide the wrapping up and down the core of the string a bit.


I have been playing approximately 5-7 hours weekly for the last 5 weeks with the DR's. The other wound strings show no hint of wear and 'tear' at all. I have checked the frets and they are in very good shape. No problem. I plan to put another set on and see if this is a chronic problem or just a glitch.

I find it strange that after only 35 hours of playing the D string wrap breaks.


Is this an anomaly or is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else on the forum? Any recommendations?

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I am going to try another set first. I appreciate your comments.


I've played acoustic for 40 years and never seen anything like that. Poor quality control this time? They are some of the least expensive of the nickels around and I like the sound and feel.


The local music shop also recommended ghs Nickel Rockers, 'pure nickel rollerwound' strings. May try those next just for S&G.

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