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Longhorn DC pup change - need help

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OK... I have a Longhorn DC with (2) EMG 85s and a LR Baggs Piezo bridge. I got tired of the sound way too fast.


I'm thinking more a vintage sound. Is it possible to put in a set of SD Seth Lovers in place of the EMGs? I have contacted Gibson about it, but after a week, no reply. Calling EMG was useless. Seymour Duncan thinks its a gut and start over situation. I am still waiting to hear back from JR Baggs since its their board in it.


Here is the layout.

2 - EMG 85s

1 - piezo bridge

2 - output jacks (1 Mix piezo/EMG, 1 EMG only)

1 - 3 way toggle (EMGs only, standard Gibson pup selection)

3 - control knobs (1 EMG only volume, 1 piezo volume, 1 EMG tone)


Any ideas?



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sick guitar man...would be extremely in love with it, if it wasnt for the active pups..So is that what your trying to do is swap actives for passive? Shouldn't be difficult at all for a good guitar tech...

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