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Post your Epiphone Special Sprirt I , II , Sg's and Lp's!


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I have a 1982 Epiphone Special II. These Guitars were built in the Kalamazoo plant just before it closed and used gibson neck's, p/u's, bodies, etc...

There were 5 models produced with this headstock design and logo. The Sg bodied Special I, and II for 1 & 2 pickups respectively. The Double cut Les Paul bodied Spirit I and II, (1 & 2 pickups also) and an Epiphone USA Map guitar. These were produced alongside many Gibson guitars in 1982 and 83 but sold poorly despite the all american production and parts. Gibson painted over the epiphone headstock and put a gibson logo to use up extra stock before discontinuing this model in late 1983 (Specs changed such as knob layout and type of wood used also).

I would like to know how many are out there... [thumbup]

Post Em if you've got Em!




Here's mine to start #1

TenaflyViper you better be next!





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