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Southern Jumbo spec questions


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In general, what is the neck profile like on the Gibson Southern Jumbo models that were made both in the '90s and up until recent times? Are they hefty, or Deep V shape, Baseball Bat or are the necks similar to the "modified C" that Martin uses on a lot of their models. I favour the chunkier necks that have some shoulder to them, versus the thin hand cramping necks like the modified C. i know that on some Gibson models there is a significant variance, some have smaller neck contours, while sometimes you'll run into one that's different. I don't know if it's now taken over by CNC machines and they're all the same, except for a few that slip thru.


Is there any particular SJ model that was spec'd with a larger neck? I have looked at some of the signature models like the Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie models, are they significantly different spec-wise, or is it just a matter of the artist's name on the TR cover, COA or label? I really like some of these Southern Jumbo models and also like the Original Jumbo reissue, but those are very rare to find.


Thanks for any advice.

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