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Or at least confide with your physician.


With the announcement by some governmental nit wit that today we should see the barest of minimum, barely measurable up tic in radiation as a result of the catastrophe in Japan, there are those of us, primarily along the west coast albeit not exclusively, hoarding potassium iodide pills.


DON'T DO IT! There are risks to taking these pills that are not warranted in our part of the world. Stop hoarding them and leave the world supply for those who really need it.


I heard on the electric radio that a supply of the stuff which here-to-fore sold for $8 over the counter, is now being scalped for over $200!


These are not Tic Tacs, so don't treat them as such.


so, STOP IT! :angry:

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Yep people are fairly ignorant as a rule the same people that are paying 200 for the potassium cyanide probably lay out in the sun to tan and let the TSA irradiate them whenever they fly but fear is a strong motivator. And PC is only good for a short fast exposure not the dribble this will cause here.


I wonder how many people of the people that are buying the pills still have N-95 face masks plus Thera-Flu and antibiotics from when they thought bird flu was going to kill them.

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