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Guest FarnsBarns

Well, I can't see much in that pic, can't even see the headstock logo but I guess, as you signed up just to post here it must be a Gibson. If it is a one off as a prize, it'll likely be quite collectible and pretty valuable one day.


The serial number makes no sense to me but I really only know my USA standard and custom historic serial numbers.


I'm sure someone from Customer Service can help, they might be along here soon. If not email service@gibson.com

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We did do something like that in the past, also for Jim Beam. If you can please send us a picture of the front and back of the peghead, we can run the serial number in our database.


Thanks a lot. Here's the pictures.

post-31767-036824700 1300892527_thumb.jpg

post-31767-006752400 1300892541_thumb.jpg

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