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new effect project: compressor


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this one was fun! ~ $30 to build, and half of that was the switch and box.


my best etching job yet. i sized up the circuit about 1% before printing to compensate for slight shrinking under the iron, and the result is almost perfect!



holes drilled with a mini dremel bit.



populated board. 1N34A germanium diode, and sockets for the transistors and Op Amp:



wiring a 3PDT switch for true bypass. the third set of lugs is for LED power.



trial fit all wired for testing. i used orange wires for the signal path. and wires to the pot.



and an orange LED too.



next up painting... yup, orange. :)


it's amazing what this effect does: i've never used a compressor with my guitar before. i like it!



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In my first screenprinting/ graphic design class I made a TSOL shirt with the Clockwork Orange font. I looked online for that font but I couldn't find any that looked right so I ended up having to make my own with the line tool and elipse tool. It came out perfect but it was a lot of work. The thing is the font on the movie has the letters in orange with a black outline and then a shadow underneath. The shadow is smaller connected to the main orange part. If you take that font and make it so the fill is orange and then make another with the black fill and put it underneath it looks perfect.


Just my opinion.. I would put the word orange smaller on top and then compressor bigger on the bottom and then the shadow like the logo that other dude posted

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Guest FarnsBarns

I hope I'm not over stepping the mark with my input here. How about Squeezed Orange or even Freshly Squeezed Orange.


If you are using PhotoShop try changing the character spacing to get them to overlap.

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