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I can't believe no one has posted this...

Silenced Fred

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Freddy, I think grampa was referring to just how BAD it was...not the girl herself...


Although I have been wrong many, many times. Ask my wife!


It was posted less than a minute after I posted it. I just made a flash judgment. sorry if I have been mistaken


I'm still just saying, for the record, that Fred doesn't fly with those underage girls

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My bratty daughter popped this on the radio when I picked her up from school today.... Pretty damn cool song... Has a 70's vibe to it [thumbup]




I think Harry Nilsson beat him to this hook by about 39 years or so. It has a 70's vibe too!




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You've got to be kidding... Any one of us could write better lyrics than that. Those sound like the lyrics for elementary school kids' songs cd's Reminds me of my step-son's cassette he used to have " Mommy and Daddy are going to sleep now."...

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