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'59 Reissue Dot Epiphone


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I find very little data on the Epiphone '59 Reissue Dot 335 guitar. A local store has one but details are sketchy. For all the sales people know, it's just another "dot" even though it says "Custom Shop" on the back of the neck. I understand the CS means it's pretty much just pulled off the standard assembly line & given special detail, like neck binding, etc.


Does this gtr have a maple or mahogany neck?

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I had a post on the "old" Epiphone forum about this gtr. I bought one last year but I don't remember specs (to my shame!) & was hoping to get valid specs from Epiphone.

I had a guy who was interested in buying mine & as we talked specs I realized I'm not 100% sure about the neck. Might be maple, might be mahogany. Here's a link to a page

that describes it. Pics at bottom. This is about all I can find about it.



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